Are Brown Switches Good For Gaming Keyboards in 2022?

If you’re an amateur gamer, you must have realized how effective mechanical keyboards are for each session. They are versatile and allow for a broader range of in-game movements than control pads can manage.

You might wonder if brown mechanical switches are among the most suitable options. As with every mechanical switch type, brown switches have advantages and limitations.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the main features of brown mechanical switches. Also, you’ll see some of the alternatives you can explore if you need something different.

What are Mechanical Switches?

Mechanical switches are a crucial component in computer keyboards since they form the input basis of the device. The keyboard registers your keystroke as you press a keycap with your fingers. It does so by sending the signal through the switches underneath each key.

A typical mechanical switch consists of the base, spring, and stem. The stem carries the keypress to the base while the spring returns the switch to its original state. Therefore, each switch gets classified by its stem shape.

Some of the benefits of a mechanical keyboard setup include:

  • You get better sensitivity to each keypress.
  • They can come with unique features like multicolor backlights.
  • Each keycap is a replaceable unit.

Mechanical Switch Types

Several mechanical switches exist on the market currently, but we’ll look at the most popular types. Most switch options come from Cherry Company, a hardware company making keyboard switches for over 30 years.

Some of their best-selling switches include the red switch, blue switch, and brown switch.

1.    Cherry MX Red

The Cherry Red switches lineup uses linear actuators that allow them to register a keypress with less force. Typically, you won’t hear or feel the keys when you press them. Expectedly, gamers prefer a Cherry Red switch when they need a quick-response mechanical keyboard.

Due to the design, the Cherry Red switch also requires less force to hold down a button in a game. On the flip side, it doesn’t provide any meaningful feedback, which makes the switch almost useless for sensitive tasks like programming.

2.    Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Blue is the direct opposite of the Red option, offering audible clicks whenever you press them. Gamers like to call the MX Blue ‘clicky switches’ and find it handy for playing strategy games and regular typing.

One of the main benefits of the Cherry MX Blue is that you wouldn’t need to press the keys since they give a precise click for each registered keypress. However, you might have to deal with a loud noise if you type fast on a cherry MX Blue mechanical keyboard.

3.    Cherry MX Brown

The Cherry MX Brown combines the red and blue switches, taking their defining features for the best of both worlds. The brown switches are relatively silent, only making a click when you hit the actuation point.

Also, they’ll deliver a noticeable resistance when you press a keycap all the way. Such a feature is handy if you primarily play games and type with your keyboard. The only disadvantage you can notice with a brown switch is that it’s never as clicky as a blue switch or sensitive as the red.

Why Go for The Brown Switches?

Given our description of the switch types above, you might wonder if getting a brown switch mechanical keyboard would be worth it.

The blue and red switches are more effective, but they’re only suitable for a particular use case that might not represent the average gamer. For example, red switches are best for fast-action gameplay, while blue switches work great for typing, programming, and strategy games.

Brown switches sit in the middle of both switch types and are an excellent option since they deliver good sensitivity and tactility for casual gaming. Plus, the switches work well for typing and programming as well.

Our recommendation will be to go for a brown switch mechanical keyboard if your desktop is for work and gaming.

Wrapping Up

If you own a gaming PC and don’t like using a controller, mechanical keyboards are a logical alternative that can enhance your gaming experience. The switches let you register inputs just as quickly and feel each keypress.

However, you’ll most likely have to choose between a red, blue, or brown switch if you’re on the market for a new mechanical keyboard. We’ve gone over each of their features above, and the main takeaway is that brown switches are a fantastic option if you work and game with your desktop.

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