About Us

About OvrClock

OvrClock is a PC Parts Blog & Review site started during the COVID-19 lockdown by a PC & gaming enthusiast, Corey Coates. OvrClock strives to provide the highest-quality PC parts reviews on the internet, by combining manufacturer information with the team’s experience using the product to bring authentic and genuine reviews to our readers.

We never let our articles be affected by manufacturers’ opinions and money, and give you the real picture. Every article that has a shortlist of the best products generally has two to three times as many products which were tested and don’t make the cut, with a winner chosen in a variety of different and relevant categories.

Corey Coates

Corey Coates is a lifelong gamer, who has been dabbling in gaming PCs and PC builds for over 2 decades now. With ample experience and a college degree in computer systems, Corey brings you the highest quality reviews drawing on his years and years of experience in the space. Corey ensures that reviews are fair, and comparisons are made on the most pressing categories to provide readers with a complete and accurate picture of products.

For any information about other PC questions you may have, feel free to reach out at admin@ovrclock.com, and someone on the OvrClock team will be sure to get back to you!

The OvrClock Team

OvrClock has been rapidly growing its team to keep up with our readers’ demand, but at the core, our mission to provide readers with fair and accurate reviews remains the same. Presently, the team includes over half a dozen team members across 3 continents and 4 countries to help you make the decision with your Gaming PC!