How to Install Discord on PS4 and PS5

In face of the recent situation in the world, gamers are embracing online gaming and streaming with screen sharing to ensure they stay connected with their peers while playing their favorite games.

Apps like Discord and Telegram have really picked up the limelight in recent months. Even Sony PlayStation couldn’t stay back and have introduced a feature ‘Party Chat’ on their PS5 consoles, but it still has very limited capabilities compared to Discord.

Even though Discord is widely available on desktop and mobile platforms, it is still not available on Playstation Store.

In the recent months, Discord support forums have all filled up with numerous requests from Discordians to offer native version of Discord App for Playstation.

It is most likely that Discord is already in the process of developing an app for PS4 and PS5.

But waiting isn’t the best option, is it?

Considering Discord’s amazing screen sharing feature, you’re most likely be looking for a way to stream your gaming sessions or watch Netflix together with your friends by installing Discord on your PS4 or PS5.

Following this guideline, you would be able to install Discord on your PlayStation 4 or 5 and stay connected with your friends whilst gaming.

How to Setup Discord on PS4 and PS5

How to setup Discord on PS4 PS5

Even though the process isn’t as easy as it can be but once you’re done installing it, it will be worth the effort.

You may require some additional equipment to set this up on your PS4 or PS5. But we have done the hard work and figured out equipment that can get us there on a budget.

Equipment Required for Setting Up Discord on PS4 or PS4

  1. A MixAmp device that supports PlayStation 4 and 5. We would suggest using Astro Mixamp Pro TR because it supports all the operating systems and both PS4 and PS5. Additionally, it offers great audio quality and customizable EQ settings at a decent price tag.
  2. The second piece of equipment you would require to set up discord on your Playstation is a headphone that features both optical and USB connectivity.
  3. A ground loop noise isolator. Since the game audio will be coming to the mix amp, there will be a slight ground-loop noise picked up by the amp.
  4. 3.5mm Male to Male Aux cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm Aux cable with volume, and 3.5mm Aux splitter.

Using Discord on PlayStation 4 or 5

Since an official app of Discord is not available on PlayStation Store, follow these steps to get Discord up and running on your PS4 or PS5.

  1. Set up your Discord account on your PC or Mobile and login through the app. Only use the official Discord website to download Discord.
  2. Open the browser on your PlayStation and search for Discord.
  3. Click on Login on the top right using your controller.
  4. Fill up your account credentials. If you have set up Two-Factor Authentication on your Discord account, enter the code you receive on your mobile device or your email.
  5. Once you’re logged in, let’s set up the externals.

Setting up Externals for setting up Discord on PS4 / PS5

Let’s go ahead and set up the externals to enable Discord on your Playstation.

  • Use the optical cable included with MixAmp to connect it to your PlayStation.
  • Turn on the MixAmp and on the back of it, set it on console mode.
  • Connect the 3.5mm AUX cable to MixAmp and your PC/Mac if you’re using a dual-setup. If you’ll be using a ground loop noise isolator, connect it to the Aux port on the device and connect your Aux cable to it.
  • Connect the USB cable to your PS4/PS5.
  • On the front of your Astro MixAmp, connect your headset using the 3.5mm port.

How to Set Up Discord in PS4 or PS5 Settings

Now head over to your PlayStation settings, and scroll down to Devices>Audio Devices. Select your Input Device as a USB Headset. By now, it should detect Astro MixAmp Pro in settings. For output devices, use TV or AV Amplifier. If you’d to manually change the settings between your PC and PlayStation, uncheck the option “Switch Output Device Automatically”.

Next, head back to Settings>Sound and Screen. Under this tab, go and select audio output settings. Once the “Audio Output Settings” tab is open, select “Digital Out (Optical)” as your Primary Output and “Bitstream (Dobly)” as the Audio Format.

Primary Output Port PS4

On your computer, go to Discord and open settings. Under App settings>Voice and Video, make sure the correct input device is selected for your microphone.

How to Install Discord on PS4 PS5

You can use the second wheel on your MixAmp to change the audio levels between your game and voice stream levels.

How to fix audio play on PC while using Discord on PlayStation 4 or 5

There is a possibility that in some scenarios you would not be able to hear any audio from your computer. This is because your MixAmp is using your PS as the primary audio source. Simply use the 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable to plug one end to your AUX port on MixAmp and one end to the speaker port on your PC.

If you’re having trouble setting up the audio, please refer to our guide on no audio on screen sharing in Discord.

Alternative of Discord and Twitch on PS4 / PS5

Alternatively, if you do not want to invest in the accessories required to install Discord on your Playstation or would like to wait for the official Discord app release on PlayStation Store, you can use Playstation’s native feature known as ‘Party Chat’.

You can use party chat to voice chat while playing your favorite title with your friends. If you would like to share your screen as a host while playing, you can use PS ‘Share Play’ option.

How to activate PS4 Party Chat on a PC?

If you’re planning on using PS Party Chat feature on your PC, there are a few simple steps to enable it on PC.

  1. Download PS Remote Play on your PC.
  2. Login to the software using your credentials of PSN.
  3. Head over to your PlayStation and using the “Party Chat: option, connect to your PC.
  4. Ensure correct input/output settings are selected both on your PC and your PS.
  5. Keep running the Remote Play software in the background during the voice stream over Party Chat.


Can I install Discord on PlayStation 4 or PS 5?

While there is no official app of Discord for PlayStation, you can still use this alternative method to use Discord on your PlayStation. It may require some additional equipment, but it’s worth it.

How do I install Discord on PS4/PS5?

To setup Discord on Ps4/PS5, you would need a MixAmp, a couple of Aux cables, and a USB mic or a headset with a built-in Mic. Follow the steps herein and you should be able to use Discord on your PlayStation.

Is there an official Discord app available on PlayStation Store?

For now, there isn’t an official Discord app available for PlayStation. However, in recent months, Discordians have filled up Discord Support forums with requests to release an official app. For now, you can use this method to use Discord on your PlayStation.